My algo wallet help

Hi everyone. I am freaking out a little. I created an algo wallet using the “my algo wallet site”

I moved my algos to the wallet from coinbase and diligently wrote down and locked up my passphrase.

I commited my algos to governance using their governance tab and just continues to watch it. Then yesterday I couldn’t access their site. Cleared all my cookies and still couldn’t get in. Must be their problem. So today when I go to log in they wanted me to create a new wallet. So instead I recovered mine from the passphrase generated when I first created it. But now it only shows a little over a single algo and doesn’t register that all my balance is locked up in governance. When I look at the transactions I only see three. When I check where the majority of the balance went I see it at a different address that matches what I was seeing because I cleared cookies. it shows the balance in governance. But my algo wallet doesn’t appear to remember now that that is my algos in governance. Whats going on here?

I am sorry for the issue you are experiencing.

A 25-word mnemonic/passphrase uniquely defines an account.
If you recovered from the correct mnemonic, you should have recovered the correct account.
Is it possible you created multiple accounts with MyAlgoWallet?
If yes, you should have a different 25-word mnemonic for each of them.

If you are comfortable, please DM me your address so I can have a look at what happened.

From what I can tell, I started using Yieldly and when I moved all my algos back to my algo wallet on yeildly instead of putting them back in the same address they moved them to a different address on my algo wallet that I didn’t create but was associated with my account or that the my algo wallet app created at the point of transfer. its bizarre. I think it might be a bug .

Have you ever made a transaction yourself from this new address from MyAlgoWallet?

In general, Discord is a better place to discuss MyAlgoWallet.
To join Discord:

channel #myalgo

yes I was apparently using it without realizing it was different the whole time. I signed into discord as iamgeekusa

Problem solved:

@iamgeekusa actually wrote down two mnemonic.
The missing account was the second mnemonic.