Warning: Pay attention to scam wallets

This sucks so bad.

Got my mnemonic phrase from my android algo wallet. To import the wallet to PC I put it ( mnemonic phrase) into My algo wallet. It didn’t do anything but load. Next thing I know all but 1 algo was taken out of my account. That’s 990 Algos gone. This was a lot of money to me. Don’t use my algo wallet!!!

This is the wallet that stole my ALGOS:


If there is anything anyone can do to help me please reach out. For anyone who reads this don’t use myalgo wallet. It could be a scam!


I figured out the reason my funds were stolen is because there are 2 Myalgo wallets. The fake one actually appears higher on search engines (i used bing) and looks identical to the real one.

This is the FAKE myalgo wallet: myalgo-wallet dot com (no link to avoid people clicking on it)

This is the REAL one: https://wallet.myalgo.com/

I hope this prevents someone else making the epic mistake i just did. FML.

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Augh - that’s terrible. So very sorry to hear!

I’ve reported this site via the Bing, Google (Safebrowsing), Palo, TALOS, etc. tools. Not sure how quickly it’ll get re-categorized so it gets blocked. Bing is the one I’m least optimistic about since, without a corporate login, it doesn’t let you add details / cross-reference.

Thank you for sharing … again, so very sorry. -Pk


I am sorry to hear that you were scammed.

I have already reported this site. I have done it again today. You can report it too to help to remove it.
The report email of the hosting is: support@serverfreak.com

Please, remove the link to the fake wallet.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Finally, the site was suspended, thanks for your report that I linked in the request.

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