REWARD - Help catch a scamming thief - digital fingerprints left everywhere

Not long ago there was a ‘myalgowallet’ site that was a scam. It looked legit and actually ranked higher in bing when searching ‘myalgowallet’. Anyway I messed up badly and put my Mnemonic Phrase inito it as explained here.

The attacker made off with 990 of my algo (all of it). Using the algo explorer I was able to track the algo into what looks like an exchange (this transaction). The reason I think it’s an exchange is because it holds Millions of Algo and it very active. I figure the exchange would have KYC requirements. I figure they could track down who sent the Algo to them because I know the transaction.

This is where I need your help. I need to know which exchange holds the address?(SP745JJR4KPRQEXJZHVIEN736LYTL2T2DFMG3OIIFJBV66K73PHNMDCZVM)

Once I know that I guess I could contact them and report the scamming thief. If you can, please help me. So If you help me, and I get my funds back, I’ll give you 100 Algo (sorry can’t offer more).

Binance holds this address. See

Thanks @fabrice. I just sent them an email. I actually figured that out a few mins ago. Thanks though! Hopefully they can do somthing about it.

Gandalf have you already got your algos back from binance
I made the same mistake I sent 11550 algos

Nope, never got it back. Binance basically told me to take it to local law enforcement.

they ignore me when I forward a suport I make a screen shot of everything I will see what I can do to start legal proceedings I still need people who are also victims they are obliged to return everything if necessary ask for compensation per day if necessary

@Gandalf. @masterjayjay Today I faced with the same thing. I send my algos from my wallet to Binance, Mistakely to this address (SP745JJR4KPRQEXJZHVIEN736LYTL2T2DFMG3OIIFJBV66K73PHNMDCZVM).

I send e-mail to them and waiting. We will see