Rekeyed Account Gevernace

Hi Dear Algo Fam
My main Algo wallet was automatically Rekeyed, now I can’t complete the Governance #7 Voting Transaction.
I’d appreciate it if someone would help me.

If your account was rekeyed, and you didn’t do it, then governance voting isn’t going to matter.
You no longer have control over that account and your funds are lost. :disappointed:

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Go to , copy and paste your wallet address into the search bar, see if you recognize the wallet that it has been rekeyed to. If you don’t control that wallet, then it was probably maliciously rekeyed during the MyAlgo wallet hack (see their announcements on Twitter). If you DO recognize the controlling wallet, then you will need to have both imported into the same wallet app and connect with the original wallet to sign the transaction. This will prompt the wallet app to have the rekey wallet sign for the original.


tnx bro.
i’m gonna take that loss & leave algo. for less than 5 algos, i lost 425. in my country it is a lot of money, considering the price i initially paid for my algos

unfortunately i don’t recognize the controller address
I have another account in my Pera wallet.
actually, i transferred my alogs to a new account, but i thought i will loose my NFTs … so i transferred back everything to the Old account which was later automatically rekeyed.
i have access to my account, but i can’t sign any transactions or send funds.

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I am sorry for your losses. To be clear, this should not be a reflection on Algorand but on the MyAlgo wallet itself and now Atomic Wallet (as it was recently exploited). There are still several wallets that are considered secure, especially if you use a hardware wallet. I know this does nothing to fix the issue, but it is worth noting.