SOS Lost funds after I access myalgo

Lost access to algo wallet after accessing with Ledger X
Step by step what I did was to

  1. enter

  2. Create a password

  3. Connect my Ledger X

  4. I saw that no funds were in the wallet

  5. I created a new wallet

  6. I started Ledger Live app in my windows 10 computer

  7. I tried to send my Algos from the wallet I have my funds to the new wallet I made previously in myalgo

  8. I got an error and I wasn’t able to send anything.

  9. I install to ANOTHER computer Ledger live and I used my ledger to connect it.

  10. All my other crypto assets appear normally after but when I added algo I realized that the name of the new wallet was “Algorand 1” than “Algorand” that was in my Ledger Live in MAIN Computer

  11. I checked in Algorand explorer and my funds are there, but since then I can’t have any access in them.

  12. All other cryptos in my wallet are working ok, my seeds HAVEN’T change!

Must be an algorand bug! Please help me to recover my assets

This wallet that appear after I accessed myalgo.

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Maybe this post will help? Someone else had a similar issue.

I’m almost positive that if there is a bug, it’s with the wallet app, not the entire network…

Thank you for your reply.
Seems to be a different situation. What I understand is that the wallet 43TXMNRQX4UTVK35OF4U5NVDZZJTPOGMT4BH3EXGWIV4NY2TDYHTHIAG2E is at position 0 And now every time I connect my ledger the new wallet address that I get “JATNF64Y2UJYL6ZXNMKCFIKITVWUPCYIBOBJOTNWZCEMMV3DXKX5FOB2X4” is at position 1 for some reason.
Is what I think that is happening, put I’m not sure, I only guess

I am sorry for the issue.

Let me summarize and ask some questions to clarify.

You have three devices:

  1. device A where you created a Ledger Nano X account through myAlgoWallet. The account was: 43TXMNRQX4UTVK35OF4U5NVDZZJTPOGMT4BH3EXGWIV4NY2TDYHTHIAG2E.
    a. Is it correct?
    b. Was it a Ledger Nano X account or another type of account?
    c. When you created the account, did you check that the address matched the one displayed on the Ledger Nano X display?
    d. Are you sure you were on the official MyAlgoWallet website?
    e. If you go to from this device, do you still see the account 43TXMNRQX4UTVK35OF4U5NVDZZJTPOGMT4BH3EXGWIV4NY2TDYHTHIAG2E? What is its balance? Can you send a transaction from there?
  2. device B, a Windows 10 computer, where you installed Ledger Live and created an Algorand account.
    a. Is device B the same as device A?
    b. Did you get the same address 43TXMNRQX4UTVK35OF4U5NVDZZJTPOGMT4BH3EXGWIV4NY2TDYHTHIAG2E or another address?
    c. Are you sure you installed the official Ledger Live from the official website?
  3. device C, a new computer where you installed again Ledger Live.
    a. You added again the account and got a different address JATNF64Y2UJYL6ZXNMKCFIKITVWUPCYIBOBJOTNWZCEMMV3DXKX5FOB2X4. Is it correct?
    b. Can you send Algos from this address?

Can you try to go again on MyAlgoWallet and create again a Ledger Nano X account?

Can you try to do the same from the official Algorand Wallet?

I have two devices (One Desktop Computer and One Laptop)
The account was: 43TXMNRQX4UTVK35OF4U5NVDZZJTPOGMT4BH3EXGWIV4NY2TDYHTHIAG2E was created in my desktop device with Ledger Live and Ledger X.

“When you created the account, did you check that the address matched the one displayed on the Ledger Nano X display?”

Is been some time when I created the account but I usually check to be the same.

“Are you sure you were on the official MyAlgoWallet website?”
When the second wallet created in myalgo website JATNF64Y2UJYL6ZXNMKCFIKITVWUPCYIBOBJOTNWZCEMMV3DXKX5FOB2X4 it was the official website. I still able to enter the website and have the same addess.

This Account is empty.

What happens when you try to send a transaction from 43TXMNRQX4UTVK35OF4U5NVDZZJTPOGMT4BH3EXGWIV4NY2TDYHTHIAG2E from your desktop computer?

Can you give a screenshot of the error message?

I want to thank you all for you replies. I found what I did wrong…
When I first bought a ledger was a ledger S which I later replaced with an X because of the limited apps. The wallet of algo was created with ledger S and when I sent the algos to the wallet I thought the wallet was created with my ledger X, the wallet was already created in Ledger Live and forgotten there. Ledger Live is not removing any wallets when you connect another leader, therefore I completely forgot about it. It had Zero funds at that time. When I sent the funds I didn’t knew that the wallet was created with my Ledger S.
Anyhow… Good luck for me, I didn’t throw away the seed phrase and I fully recovered my funds.
Again thank you all for the replies!

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