Governance exception in this period only because of MyAlgo hack

One account I have was hacked and drained a few days ago. It was of course disqualified from governance because of the account balance going to zero. My other account had not yet been hacked, but I was in a big hurry to secure the funds. I didn’t have time to figure out rekeying first, so I just created a new wallet in Pera and moved the funds. A few minutes later, I figured out how to rekey and went ahead and did it. My funds are now of course no longer eligible for governance. I suggest that - in this governance period only, for this specific situation, the funds should still qualify - it might be a challenge to do this, but if the same funds are shown to be sitting in an account that is now rekeyed to the original wallet that was committed to governance, then the funds in the rekey account should still qualify for governance rewards in this period. I understand this might be too difficult to implement on such short notice, but I just wanted to voice that opinion on the board for further consideration.

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Sounds fair from an ethical standpoint; implementation may be a challenge – yet possible.

Whether or not the Algorand foundation is willing to consider such a proposal is anyone’s guess at the mo.