Will I lose the algo's I staked for governance if I become ineligible for participation?

Still pretty new to crypto so don’t be too harsh on me haha, but I completely goofed when trying to participate in the current governance period. First time participating and I misunderstood Q13: “You need to maintain the committed Algo throughout the governance period and ensure you have sufficient Algo tokens in reserve in the participating wallet to cover transaction fees that will be required during the Governance Period.” I took that as I couldn’t withdraw so to speak from the amount I committed during the period thus “maintaining” that amount throughout, not that I need to have a balance in my wallet that exceeds the amount committed throughout the period. My question is do I get the algo i commited back at the end of the period just without rewards, or are those algo’s gone?

You get them back without rewards. The algos never really leave your wallet.


Thats what I kind of figured but I just wanted to make sure. I didnt stake a ton but didn’t want to see them just disappear from a dumb mistake. Thank you for the info!!

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