Staking rewards missing

I bought since Jan, 2022 several ALGO and received them on my Ledger Nano X. But I do not get any rewards for staking until now. why?

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What “rewards for staking” are you referring to?

The only rewards available these days are governance rewards:
Are you referring to those?
If yes, you can check whether you were eligible or not using the website above (see the dropdown on top to select the period of the reward - period 2 is the one starting in January 2022)
Note that you need to register and vote for each period: registration for one period does not carry over to the next one.

Hello and thank you for responding.
I am referring to Rewards for staking ALGO.
Like on the youtube-video:

at time 13:12 it is referring to the rewards

Those rewards have been fully discontinued per May 14, 2022.
See General FAQ question “What do I need to do to earn participation rewards?”

ok understand. but why I did not received the rewards in the time Jan to May 2022?

You most likely have received some but they were low.

Note that the rewards were distributed completely automatically.
You can check on the rewards by searching your address.
Rewards are distributed with each transaction.
You can click on each of your transactions, then “More information” and see how many rewards you received for each transaction.

Thanks, that helps me.
Transaction Overviews:
#1 Jan, 28 2022 Receiver Balance ALGO 999.99, Receiver Rewards: 0 (why?)
#2 May, 27 2022 Receiver Balance ALGO 1,225.07, Receiver Rewards: 0.71 (ok)
#3 Jun, 06 2022 Receiver Balance ALGO 11,742.95, Receiver Rewards: 0 (ok, because discontinued per May 14, 2022)

can you answer me why #1 Receiver Rewards = 0?

This most likely is because the previous transaction (before #1) was too close.
You receive the rewards between the previous transaction and the one you considered.

that what I mean. there was no previous transaction. Before #1 was no transaction. #1 was the first

If before transaction #1 there was no transaction, this means that the account was empty before.
An empty account does not receive participation rewards.

well I can imagine that an empty account does not receive rewards. But starting with Jan, 28 2022 until May, 27 2022 there were 999,99 ALGO on the account. so in the time of Jan, 28 2022 until May, 27 2022 the account was not empty. so why it did not receive rewards?

You received 0.71 Algos of reward between Jan 28 and May 27.
This is what the receiver rewards of transaction #2 tells you.

Hi Fabrice,
I transferred Algo from Binance (on 17 Jul 22) and Kucoin (today 8 Aug 22), to my ledger Nano X wallet. However, no rewards have been claimed automatically, though two transactions have taken place. The ‘claim reward’ button is also greyed out (not functioning) I therefore assume there must be a time lag and also that the rewards of the first transaction is reflected later in the info of the second transaction, Am I right?

As mentioned in an earlier post, Ledger staking rewards have been discontinued for several months at this point, in favor of the Governance rewards program. To participate check out this link for starters:

There are several options available to Ledger users to participate in the Governance rewards. I suggest you evaluate which method you prefer and feel free to post in these forums or on twitter. The Algorand community is quite happy to help If videos are more your speed, a quick “Algorand Governance” search on Youtube will net you some easy to digest solutions, always with the caveat “Not Financial Advice”. Cheers.