200M Staking Rewards programa

Hi there,

im new in the algorand community.

On 20 februari, 27 februari and 29 februari I bought algo tokens. On 20 februari I also did the KYC/AML registration for the 200M staking rewards program. Today I noticed a page and if im correct I also need to send the micro-transaction to ZGP25YTZL3NF43SQZREMH5BRBTJEXHWPL6TSQDCGJWPEN4XJTIHVOZSOLA. And im to late to join the program?

Fuck I hate it!

Cheers Tobber

Hey tobbert!

Unfortunately, you are late to join the 200M Staking Rewards Program. The subscription period ended in August 31, 2019.

But all is not lost! I believe the Algorand Foundation will promote similar programs in the future, as they are a way of strengthening the network. I suggest you subscribe for the official Algorand newsletter, so you can know when it happens!