Need XGOV advice

I committed a sum of ALGO on 2/13/2023 when I entered the XGOV program. Four voting periods completed successfully. Recently received my end of term rewards. I no longer wish to participate in XGOV and want to claim my initial locked deposit. There is a slim chance that I mucked things up by dabbling in liquidity pools just before all hell broke loose with AlgoFi. But I doubt I would have jeopardized the bulk of my account.

Any direction would be much appreciated!


Thank you very much!


if you want to participate in xgov program to receive the algo rewards, this option is no longer available. past rewards will be distributed according to schedule

Term Pool 1 - 30 June 2024 - Payout scheduled for 3 July 2024
Term Pool 2 - 30 September 2024
Term Pool 3 - 31 December 2024
Term Pool 4 - 31 March 2025

xgov rewards are being moved to participation rewards… it means that algorand wants to move funds to secure the network and get closer to distribution as is done in ethereum (staking)… if you stake in the pool you will get rewards…

if you want to get to know how to protect AVM network and you want to get some airdrops, doyr to voi network quests… they run the testnet now, however because of the airdrops the network is bigger then algo network already

if you seek for xGov funding, the xGov is now paused (probably for quarter) while AF is brainstorming on how to continue supporting the developers

to get further news i recommend watching AF xgov website

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Hi Ghost!
It seems some of the other replies have missed the point of your inquiry so allow me to try and assist.

First, if you signed up for more than one term in xGov, then you’ll be receiving more end of term rewards in the near future (assuming you stayed eligible).

Second, the “deposit” you made into the xGov program was merely a reflection of the General Governance rewards you would have received in a particular General Governance voting period. Assuming you remained eligible, you would have/will receive those rewards when each xGov term reward pool is paid out (the 1st term having been sent out recently).

If you wish to check your eligibility for any individual Governance period you can do so by signing in with the wallet on the Algorand Governance page and navigating to the wallet txn summary/eligibility portion, or you could use something like to check wallet address eligibility (if for instance you committed via DeFi and had a beneficiary address).

Hope that helps!

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Ludo…are you seriously promoting Voi on the AF forum??? Cmon man.


i dont think it should be tabu… we need to grow the AVM ecosystem, and if voi will succeed, it will mean that there is path to multi AVM future… the same way as there is the only one Ethereum and many EVM chains which are compatible and all devs can deploy their apps to any of them if they want to… this will have positive impact on algo as it is the mother chain, the same as the ether