Question about XGov

Hi all,

I missed voting in GP8, so I assumed I lost my xGov status (signed up for period 1 and completed my votes at that time). I just went in to xGov and I was able to allocate votes for period 2.

So is voting in regular governance independent from xGov voting? And does missing a regular governance period not constitute losing xGov status?

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Hi @MHeiner, yes, voting is the two platforms is almost completely independent. The one dependency is that: to enter an xGov Term Pool you’ll need to first complete the governance period you enrolled to the xGov program. Once you vote in that governance period, your governance rewards are deposited to the corresponding xGov Term Pool, from this point on, the two programs function independently.
You can read more about how this works at

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Thank you! One follow up question: When I commit Algos at the beginning of each GP, do I have to check the “Enroll as xGov” box each time? Or can I skip that since I did it in earlier periods and have maintained my status since the first xGov period?

You have to check “enroll” each time, as there is option to stop being xgov … if you just commit as general gov 4x in a row (or not commit at all) after you enrolled after the xgov the next period you will not be xgov. Take it the way that you earn some algos from the general period (lets say 1000 algos), and this will be used in next 4 quarters as your voting rights. So if you commit the 2024Q1, in 2024Q2 you will have 1000 votes. If you do commit as general gov in Q2 or do not participate, you will have in 2024Q3 1000 votes. If you commit as xgov in Q3 with same yield, you will have in Q4 2000 xgov votes.

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Got it, thank you for your help!