Gov Period 9 Rewards

Hello - so I checked on the governance page and it shows I am “Eligible” for Period 9 rewards, but they look like they were completed Jan 7th - nothing in my Pera wallet.

you signed up as a xGov which means your rewards are locked for a year and you will have to vote on xGov measures in the future to stay eligible for them

check your xgov status here:

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Oh - great - thanks for clarification - I thought the xGov was starting for the next period, but this makes sense now. Will make sure to vote each quarter!

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This is what I see on my end:

Hello xGovernor,

You are queued up to become an xGov at the start of the next governance period. If this is your first time enrolling, read the xGov Guide for more details. Visit the xGov Portal to check your status and learn more about the next voting session.

Likey a dumb question, but is the xGov voting on a different schedule to the original governance voting? Looks like I missed 2 voting sessions in xGov!

yes it is on a different schedule. normally before the normal gov voting happens the xgov one is happening