xGov from Period 7 to Period 8...?

Hi - do xGovs need to “move” their commitment from Period 7 to Period 8 and how does one do this without withdrawing and then re-commiting tokens?

no you dont. your rewards get locked and determine your voting power, you can not commit at all the next periods or change your commitment amount nothing will affect your xGov status besides you not voting on xGov proposals

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Actually, I do also have doubts about it.

When will we be able to start voting as xGoverners?

I entered Gov7 as xGov. But then redeemed my tokens and will get back again and commit my tokens to the Gov8. Does that mean that Im not eligible anymore?

I believe that only after MakerX will deliver the voting system which will work… xGov Testing Voting Session Live on Testnet for the next 6 days

I see there two critical bugs and few small… The delegation does not work, and they did not test it on real proposals data yet. So I assume it will take at least one or two iterations until it is mainnet ready.

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that was helpful @scholtz , many thanks!

There is no delegation on this version. Real data test will be this week :slight_smile:

I hope it will either allow original accounts to be able to vote or the delegated account to have the aggregated value. Either way the demo before did not work this way, and I would prefer the delegated account to have the aggregated voting power…