[xGov][Presentation][New Version][04/2024]

Presentation of what is plan for the new xGov’s version.

A. Becoming an xGov Member

  1. Requirements: To participate in the xGov, operate an Algorand node involved in consensus processes. There is no minimum Algo stake requirement.

  2. Voting Rights: Each block proposed by your node will accord you one xGov vote

  3. Membership Rotation: A new cohort of xGov members will be selected periodically based on activity during a specific timeframe. Membership eligibility assessments will occur via snapshots taken every 1 million blocks, with 1 million blocks currently approximating one month.

B. KYC Requirement

Proposal submitters will now need to meet a KYC requirement. This change, established from pilot phase feedback, limits the number of active proposals to one per KYC-verified individual or entity at any time to ensure focused completion of proposals.

C. Voting Mechanism

Category Requested Amount (ALGO) Discussion time (at least) Voting time (after discussion)
Small 10k ≤ A < 50k 1 week 1 week
Medium 50k ≤ A < 250k 2 weeks 2 weeks
Big A ≥ 250k 3 weeks 3 weeks
Democratic Quorum 10% 15% 20%
Weighted Quorum 20% 30% 40%

Feel free to share your thoughts if you have any questions/comments.