xGov - Voting Session 3 - Proposed Timeline

Steps before voting session 3

22 Jan - Proposals due - voting sessin 3 proposals lock in date.

23 Jan to Feb 5 - Review phase - where xGovs and community will comment on proposals, and these can still be iterated, but no new proposals can be added. Perhaps we’ll try a temp check, during this phase (temperature check to be worked out with the community.

6 Feb - Snapshot date - for proposals with Status:Final that have been through the community review phase above.

Voting Session 3 Dates (to be confirmed pending dev requirements)

8 Feb - Voting Session #3 uploaded to the xGov portal.

10 Feb - Voting Session #3 open.

9 Mar - Voting Session #3 closes.


I would really like to see Voting period to be shorter. 1 month is an overkill imo. would also hopefully help set pace for faster iterations in the future.

e.g. voting period in regular governance was 14 days in the last period, i think this is plenty long for xgov too. E.g. week of voting + AMA/CTA event to engage/remind people to vote + extra week of time to vote for whales who like to wait till last moment. Else there is a long “idle” period within voting period that imo doesn’t really serve any purpose.

Other than that timeline seems reasonable without any one long idle period in between actions.

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We have to make sure community engagement during review phase. Community should clearly understand what the projects are planning to build and how these projects are going to have a positive impact on the ecosystem.

Some suggestions:

  1. Reddit AMA similar to previous session
  2. A twitter space by foundation where each proposal gets 1 min to do an elevator pitch.
  3. Encourage even the non xGov community members to get involved in the feedback process.

@simonb we have two more quarters to get through in pilot mode, than things should speed up a bit.

The “idle period” can be used to discuss proposal ideas with the community, validate those ideas, work on new proposals etc.

Just because the voting session is long, it doesn’t mean that nothing can be done concurrently :slight_smile:


Yes, the more conversation the better.

Don’t let AF be a blocker tho, community should self-organise to make these things happens too.

We will support community initiatives as much as we can.


Can someone please link to the proposal guidelines? Are they on GitHub? Thanks!

Here it is, Algorand Foundation, xGov.

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