xGov Voting Session 4 Timeline

Proposal phase - Open now
25 April 23:59 GMT - Proposals due for review (last day to submit for voting session 4)

Review phase
26 April 00:00 GMT - Review phase kicks off (proposals to be posted on the Algorand Forum to receive feedback and iterate as needed. Proposals that are not published on the Forum at the start of the review phase will not be included in the voting session)
5 May 23:59 GMT - Review phase ends

Creation phase
6 May - Snapshot date (including proposals with status:final that have been through the review phase.
10 May - Voting Session #4 uploaded

Voting phase
13 May - Voting Session #4 opens
3 June - Voting Session #4 closes


Could you clarify if proposals must be posted by the start of the review phase? Last session some proposals did not make it to the forum until closer to the end of the review phase.


Yes, they must be on the forum at the start. I amended the text above, and will amend on github as well. Thank you for the ping!

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