Issues updating governance subsrciption

A few days ago I joined the Algorand governance scheme by hooking up my ledger Nano X to myAlgo and subscribing with a rather small amount to ‘test the waters’. All went smoothly and the initial subsricption can now be readily monitored on myAlgo. Just now I’ve tried to update the subscription (ie. by increasing the of amount Algo) on my Algo and run into problems. The dialog for changing the amount appears (and obviously, at this point myAlgo is connected to the Ledger Nano X because the originalt amount was displayed) but on verifying the transaction myAlgo times out. I am just not given the opportunity to sign it on Ledger Nano X. The same issue occurs using the chrome extension Algo Signer. I was able to create an account there using the Ledger, but sending the respective governance transaction is not possible, bec. it is also never offered on the Ledger for verification. There appears to be no be problem however with the hardware device, because it Algo can be sent to some other address. Is this issue known and if so are there work arounds? Thanks!!

Did you try to unplug the Ledger Nano, restart your computer, and redo the full process?

Sorry, I should have mentioned that I did try all those things, plus use different browsers ( Chrome, Edge + Firefox, current versions). The Ledger Nano X firmware is up to date as well. I’ve just tried updating my subscription again, but alas to no avail. The problem still exists. I might be mistaken, but the ‘current APY’ is changing very little, at least compared to yesterday. The problem I have reported might not be an isolated issue.

…the latest. I have now been able to update the subsription using the mobile Algorand Wallet. Even there the process failed the first time around. The initial ledger authorisation was ignored by Algorand Wallet and the process had to restarted. It worked the second time around. There are some issues to be ironed out… I guess that was to be expected.