My Algo Wallet: Help

So I have my 25 word mnemonic code but I found an error in a repeating word word (IE: leader, reform, leader, sibling). Lost my wallet due to a crash in the system. Are there any Aglo admins that can assist with either a brute force or backend check if I provide the mnemonic and wallet addy?

Be careful sharing the 25 words… these would give anyone full control of your account.

yes but im asking a diff question, i’m not giving the passcode wondering if there is a way to brute force the two words i have out of sequence into regaining access

I believe that there was a python script mention on this forum that was able to break one or two missing words within a reasonable amount of time.

Try to search for “lost mnemonic”

does that also work with myaglowallet? or is that only the official algorand wallet?

The mnemonics are the same regardless of the wallet you’re using.
( you’re correct in that they doesn’t have to be the same; however, all the Algorand wallets I’m aware of are )

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