Buying Algorand

Hey folks,

I’m wondering what is the best way to buy Algorand, so far I see a few two options:

  • Wait for an auction
  • Buy via Bitmax

Any of you know of bitmax alternatives, preferably one that I can exchange fiat money via credit card for Algos.

Another question I have is mobile wallet, are there any suggested iPhone apps I can use to manage my Algo wallet?


On the wallet question, we have a wallet app in the apple store and in google play store.

Is there confirmation that these are official apps of Algorand? I haven’t read this anywhere yet or seen a confirmation.

Yes the ones in the app store and play store are official.

Why isn’t it stated anywhere? Not in the site, not any article, nowhere can I find a mention that it is official. Heck, the foundation hasn’t even replied to my email confirming this. Sorry for the questions but I know two ppl who downloaded a fake Daedalus wallet that lost their Ada.

Thanks for the feedback. We have the official apps pinned in our Telegram channel, so I recommend joining that if you’d like reassurance about what’s official. As far as information about the apps on the foundation site, you’re absolutely right. They only mention them briefly when discussing how to participate in Algorand auctions. This is great feedback, though, and we’ve made a note to add more information about the official apps there.