Algo support worst of all blockchains

Would like to add my frustration about algorands support.

I as a dev who wanted to move my community to algorand and ask before some questions ar totaly being ignored.

No reply on forum to my questions
No reply on telegram
No reply even after forwarding questions to mod who told me i will receive replies soon
No reply even after submitting support request on their offical website

What a bunch of garbage support does algorand provide to developers.

Can someone explain for what algorand has an offical website where they even offer technical support when they don’t even reply to a request ?

I’m so sorry to hear this has been your experience. I understand you’ve DM’d a member of our Foundation team, we’ll do our best to get you some answers quickly. For future reference, the Algorand Developer Discord is the best place to get support and questions answered by Developer Relations team members from both Algorand Inc and Algorand Foundation.

Thanks fabrice already connected me with ryan