Algorand Donations

Hello, we have implemented new project - Algorand Donations.

Anyone can ask for donation to support his project through blockchain - in the simple note with structured data.

Originaly it was implemented for the gitcoin bounty - Build Demo Applications using Algorand React Kit ( | algorandfoundation Funded Issue Detail | Gitcoin | Gitcoin … By my fault - i have not read all attached links in the document to the end of the page, i have not noticed that the bounty was already closed. Who would thought that if someone see there status open and is allowed to start working on the bounty, in reality it is already closed for month with no mention on the gitcoin page…

[EDIT] … The gitcoin reward has been received.Thank you

The first donation requiest is in USDt - am I right?

Algo foundation… thanks for the payment for this bounty

@Maugli … sure, i made a request to develop AWallet further… There is also link to check the donation page Algo Wallet … i have not collected the phrases for this to be translated because i dont know how usable they might be, and how often it is going to be changed

btw, thanks for your translations to hu language

Hi, Ludo,
I think there should be a QR code on the AWallet donation page as well…

btw, thanks for your translations to hu language
You are welcome
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