Let's Learn about Algorand!

Hello AlgoFam!

My first post here at the forum, and Happy New Year to everyone.

I’d like to kick off the new year with a series called “Learn Algorand”. It could be anything I come across that’s interesting, or if you do think is unique and different about Algorand. Will continue to post, tweet, and repost of Reddit whenever it makes sense.

Hope this draws the curious minds together and hope I can keep this going week in week out, in a discussion thread. It’s unlike me to do this so honestly, I’m gonna need as much help as possible from the Algorand community!

The format will be simply to add to this thread and let’s see how long it goes on for. Here we go!


First thing I figured is interesting about a blockchain is its distributed network. I learned it’s distributed across the globe with over 100 relay nodes

Thank you Awesome Algo!


There are bootcamps kicking off left and right…

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Developers looking to ramp up on Algorand can checkout a 4-day DevRel Bootcamp (2+ hours each) on GitHub!

There’s always something going on at Algorand.

The “Opt-In” feature for Algorand wallets are often overlooked. Rather than having wallets be wide open, you can now set it to be closed, to allow-list only certain wallets to be sent to you.

Watch Dev Rel Joe Polny talk about this :point_down: here

A pretty cool way to generate vanity Algorand wallet addresses on your local machine, or via algovanity.com

Based off of code repo at GitHub - Ripe/algovanity: Algo Vanity is a web-based tool for generating Algorand vanity addresses.

AWallet also support Vanity address.


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I think this twitter post belongs to this thread https://twitter.com/GeraldIrwinlll/status/1614636305752752131

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