Algorand Community 2024 Agenda πŸ“‹

Thought it would be a good idea to create a to-do for people to look at and checkout. I believe these things will help anyone for a successful 2024 for the community. Please help update the list if I missed any. Love to have a healthy community conversation to grow.

:arrow_right::NFT Projects hosting spaces
:arrow_right::DeFi Platforms hosting spaces
:arrow_right::Outsource Artwork to different Eco Artist
:arrow_right::Engage out of discord to other platforms
:arrow_right::Campaign community to become an xGov
:arrow_right::More activity in
:arrow_right::Speak in other blockchain spaces
:arrow_right::Collab outside of #Algofam
:arrow_right::Start saving up for Node running
:arrow_right::Join IRL events
:arrow_right::Hustle, don’t complain (read this one again)


Is this your application for CMO? Hired!

Can you now please travel back in time to 2022 and start implementing it, with millions of dollars and hand picked A-team at your disposal? You know community incentives, cross chain events stuff that you need serious budget for… Community is only as strong as its weakest link.

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