Is there any way to create a new asset? A suggestion too

Is there any way to create a new asset? best via a command line, or by programming a little.

Here a new asset means a token, like a token in ETH wallet. In ETH it is easy to create a token.

I read the SDK documents but it seems not easy for a beginner.


An interpretation of NOTE filed, like omni layer for usdt, maybe not so convenient. Also it need a lot of work to make sure the data is correct before written into the main chain NOTE fields.

Other documents on Internet say that ETH use smart contract to implement that. Maybe I have to wait for the smart contract implemented on Algorand.:smiley: I think this will raise the price of algo.

Also it will be a big test when thousands of eth-style tokens run on algorand main chain.

Hope algorand implement smart contract, and keep effective when carrying a lot of tokens, then algo is most likely to be the real digital gold in the coming borderless economy.

To avoid waste of resource like that on eth chain, I suggest that the team may hard code a threshold of a new token. For example, if some one want to generate a token based on algorand chain, he need to pay or lock at least a few algo coins.

You can build a token using the notefiled as shown here:

But we are also working on a new feature for Fungible tokens that should be available in the near future:

This will be layer 1 native token support!

Thank you very much. The two links are right that I need to learn now.