An inquiry regarding storing medical records in algorand blockchain

We are planning to use algorand blockchain to store medical records.
But most of the countries have a law that medical data of patients cannot be shared or stored outside of the country.
As blockchain is a distributed ledger technology , data will be stored in multiple locations across the globe.
Please let us know how we can create a decentralized application by following countries data protection and regulatory norms.

I do not know the law regarding medical records.

On a technical side, you can store commitment to the data instead of the data.
That is instead of storing data in the blockchain, you store SHA256(data || random) where random is a 256-bit random string.
In an external database (in the allowed countries), you store random with data for each medical record.
This way, you ensure that the data in the database cannot be modified, but what is stored on the blockchain does not reveal the data.

Encryption may also be possible.

Disclaimer: I do not know if this satisfies your use case nor the regulationA.

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Expanding on @fabrice’s excellent response : another limitation is that medical records tend to require a large storage capacity, whereas the cost of storing large quantities of data on a block chain could be prohibitive.

@tsachi is there a method by which we can reduce the amount of data stored in blockchain and maintain authenticity and accessibility of data.

You could maintain authenticity by storing hashes of data in the blockchain. However, storing the data itself ( even when its encrypted ) in the database might not be the best idea.

I’m not a medical data storage expert; when I think of medical data I think of MRI and CT imaging, scanned consent forms along with some arbitrarily key/values pairs. Before making any concrete design decision, I’d suggest you’ll figure out what is the min/max/avg data size. If that data size exceeds several kilobytes per account, then it might not be the best fit for a blockchain ( any blockchain, not Algorand specifically ).