@arc3 or #arc3 when using IPFS for NFTs

I’m a little bit confused about the way to mark an NFT as arc3 compliant when using IPFS.

In the convention, the use of @arc3 is NOT RECOMMANDED at the end of the asset name, but in the example, it’s not recommanded either to use #arc3 at the end of the url when using IPFS, as it may not be handle properly by clients.

As I use IPFS for my project, I’m wondering what is the best practice.
I’m thinking that if a client can handle arc3 external metadata files, it should be able to read an IPFS URI property by removing automatically #arc3. Others clients will not be able to display the corresponding NFT anyway as they can’t read the metadatas.

So should we use something like ipfs://QmWS1VAdMD353A6SDk9wNyvkT14kyCiZrNDYAad4w1tKqT#arc3 ? What are your thoughts about this?

Ultimately its up to you as the developer but I’d lean towards not polluting the name with the arc3 suffix. Platforms that are parsing/displaying the data from the ASA should know that they should strip #arc3 off the url and be able to resolve the ipfs:// protocol to some gateway.

Thank you for this quick answer Ben. Will do that way!