Archivial node and Query

I renamed the config.json.example file to config.json and set Archivial to true, to have an archive node.
I deleted all .sqlite files in the data / testnet-version directory, except the crash.sqlite file and restarted the node.
Now, to analyze the newly downloaded blockchain, what are the files? In which position was it downloaded?

Do you suggest any software to query the blockchain?

The blockchain and account data is stored in sqlite files in your <datadir>/testnet-v38.0 folder. Our REST API allows querying much of the data about the blockchain. I don’t know of any standalone query tools to inspect your local node at this time. For details on the REST API and our SDKs, see the developer website.

For an example of a block explorer, see Pablo’s post here

Wich one of the sqlite files contains the Blockchain information?
And if possible I would like to know if it can be converted to json for analysis.

Thanks very much

And why the files sql are divided?

For more efficient parallel processing

ledger.block.sqlite contains the blocks. It’s sqlite so you can export the data, but most of it is encoded (msgpack) so you’ll have to decode it. You might be able to use our msgpacktool as part of a solution - it converts between msgpack and json.

Thank you very much, David. I try immediately.