Avoid using wallet password for every goal call

is there a way to avoid entering the wallet password every time I make a goal call (ex. for sending money with goal clerk send…)?
Thanks in advance.


The reason you’re being asked to provide a password is because the platform is secure by default.

There are few thing you might want to note:

  1. The kmd would typically cache your password so that you won’t need to type it over and over. However, the kmd typically only stays in memory for a short while. You can start the kmd with a longer timeout ( let’s say 1 hour ), so that you would have 1 hour of time between sending two consecutive transactions.
  2. If you need to issue transactions frequently, you might want to select an empty password. This would “skip” asking you for the password.
  3. Last, there is a technique used in the goal testing scripts : you can use expect to send the password into the goal clerk send ... command as a pseudo tty.
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