Best way to assess if application would be possible on Algorand

I am the CTO of a digital agency. We have had recent discussions with clients about the potential of blockchains and using them in a marketing capacity. One of the applications we have had discussions about with our clients recently, involves a point system similar to frequent flyer miles. Where our clients could give out points for purchases and those points could be redeemed at a later date for discounts or giveaways etc. We have also discussed the idea of using nfts as a promotional item that could be transferable or as a coupon that maybe was limited to only the first 50 or so customers. How feasible would it be to set up a points system using tokens with a mobile application used to distribute them at the time of a in person purchase? Could the tokens be passed from one user to another? The tokens would have no monetary value besides being used for discounts. Does Algorand support something similar to L2 blockchain like ethereum, where the application could essentially have its own blockchain running on top of Algorand, and lastly what about security and privacy? Are there concerns to think about? I appreciate any feedback. I have over 30 years of programming experience, but this is my first opportunity to look into doing a blockchain application and to be quite honest I don’t know much about blockchains except to stay away from ethereum due to gas fees.

Hi, @Bradley , welcome on the Forum!

Algorand has native, level 1 capability to issue your “money”, in this case points after purchases.
This points are really standard assets (in disguise), and with Algorand you can create your own asset.

Yes, Algorand can be used quite well for the system you mentioned.

Yes, the users can send to each other the “points” (ASAs, Algorand standard assets).

There are apps supported now on the Algorand blockchain, which can store state data
in a limited way (but even that limited storage can be several Kilobyte) – but you don’t even need that for the start.

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To complement @Maugli 's response, there are many ways of managing the accounts of the users so they don’t have to deal with mnemonics and secret keys.
See Could I implement an ASA with it's own custom wallet? - #2 by fabrice

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