algOS (Algorand Operating System)

What if Algorand tried to compete Apple, Microsoft and Google by making an operating system? Algorand could monetize with licenses like Microsoft Windows. Also compete with the Android and iOS by not taking a cut from apps/dapps’ profit. I know Fortnite had issues with Apple’s 30% cut in the app store payment system. Algo could lure apps onto the blockchain, but the hurdle would probably be the coding language.
I dont know all the in’s and out’s of how operating systems work, but that would be a good way to bring blockchain tech into mass adoption. So, maybe, Solana has a good idea with the phone, just not sure if they have the tech to handle it. Algo does though.

Lots of potential for mass adoption and for Algorand to monetize.

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What about making a trip to the Moon, too? (Think about the rare moon elements…)
Now, more seriously, where is your 1 page business plan with rough cost estimates?
Please attach it, too!

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The AVM is already a quasi-operating system. It uses the Teal language for its programming. Furthermore, the writing of applications is greatly simplified by the many tools. There are SDKs in different languages, JS, Python (PyTeal), PHP and others.

How do you think Algorand earns?
For the foundation, the only way is transactions.

So the best app for this are IoT and e-comm.


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100% you aren’t a developer so you haven’t got a clue what you just asked for

If you want to deepen your knowledge of Algorand, I suggest you start here:

So you can answer your questions.

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of course i am not. that’s why I am asking if it’s possible. no need to insult me

I am just shooting ideas, i figured you guys would let me know if it were possible. apparently not. thanks