Can you create a dapp with smart contracts written in multiple forms of code?

Hey Algo devs or any developer, I was wondering is it possible to create a dapp that could understand multiple forms of code?

lets say someone makes a defi lending platform. could they write up smart contracts in pyteal, solidity, rust or haskell etc. but build the dapp on algorand?

so, lets say cardano, solana and eth holders want to use the dapp. well, since the dapp understands multiple forms of code, wouldn’t those tokens be able to interact with the dapp? I know nothing about coding, so can someone enlighten me?

Currently dapps(smart contracts) on Algorand are only written with TEAL and many tools convert to teal including PyTeal and Reach, but that has little to do with cross chain dapps. This is one of the reasons Algorand is working on State Proofs, so tokens and other things can cross chains in a decentralized way.

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Good to know. Thank you.

Question about state proofs. lets say i wanted to send my algo to Ethereum. Do my algo stay on the algorand blockchain and with the light client on Ethereum, i would get a wrapped up version of algo?
And since the light client is a version of whats going on on algo,
would the algo i used to mint on eth get sold if i sold them on algorand or sold the wrapped version on Ethereum?

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To complement @JasonW 's response, Reach allows you to write a dApp that would then work on both Ethereum and Algorand. However, the two dApps (on Algorand and Ethereum) would not interact which each other.

To bridge Algos from Algorand to Ethereum, you would need to send your Algos to a special smart contracts on Algorand (that needs to be designed). Then another smart contract on Ethereum would be using state proofs (with SNARK) to see that this happened and to mint wrapped Algos on Ethereum.
Algos stay on the Algorand blockchain in a smart contract.


Ohhh ok. Now i understand. Thanks for the breakdown. Appreciate the response.

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