PyTeal: Writing Algorand Smart Contracts in Python

Hi Folks,

I am an Algorand Researcher/Engineer.

I build a Python Language binding for writing Algorand Smart Contract. In principle, it should make developing and prototyping Algorand Smart Contract easier since it abstracts away the stack machine details and lets you focus on the smart contract logic.

Medium article:


Happy to answer any question here.


Hi @Shumo,
We(at buildlabs) are working on a proposal to make a cryptoverse wars style interactive code school just like we did it for tezos and we would like to do the same for the Algorand ecosystem by teaching newcomers to write Algorand Smart Contracts (ASC1) via an interactive tutorial since ASC1 are written in TEAL which is a stack-based language and there is a significant overhead already involved in writing logic using a stack language, and this is where we want to step in by providing an interactive tutorial for onboarding newcomers to algorand and for this we have decided to go with PyTeal.

Please can you let us know what you think about this idea and also should we focus on PyTeal or TEAL for the proposal though I think, to teach PyTeal will provide a lower bar to entry and would be good for onboarding newcomers to algorand.

About me: I am Bhaskar, Researcher at BUIDL Labs

Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for going through this post.

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This is a great idea. We have some significant enhancements coming for Algorand Smart Contracts very soon and having resources available to help developers understand them would be fantastic. PM me if you want more detail.


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Hi Jason,
Thank you for the prompt response, How can I reach you personally?

jason at

Hi @JasonW ,

Following our conversation above, had emailed you requesting more details about the enhancements coming to Algorand’s smart contracts.

This will enable us to tailor our content curriculum in a way that is more relevant in time for the ecosystem.

Looking forward to our conversation :slight_smile:

I did not see an email. What is your address?