I was trying to create and deploy a smart contract using pyTEAL following the official guide, but something went wrong

I was trying to create and deploy a smart contract using pyTEAL following the official guide, but something went wrong…

Welcome to Algorand!

Can you provide the exact commands you typed as well as the content of all the relevant files (including peridic_payment_deploy.py?)

Write code and bash commands between triple backquotes ``` for better formatting.

I just typped

python3 peridic_payment_deploy.py

and that’s it

The content of the file is the same as in the guide

Perhaps this is it?

#!/usr/bin/env python3

from pyteal import *
import uuid, params, base64
from algosdk import algod, transaction, account, mnemonic
from periodic_payment import periodic_pay_escrow

#--------- compile & send transaction using Goal and Python SDK ----------

teal_source = periodic_pay_escrow.teal() 

# compile teal
teal_file = str(uuid.uuid4()) + ".teal"
with open(teal_file, "w+") as f:
lsig_fname = str(uuid.uuid4()) + ".tealc"

stdout, stderr = execute(["goal", "clerk", "compile", "-o", lsig_fname,

if stderr != "":
elif len(stdout) < 59:
    print("error in compile teal")

with open(lsig_fname, "rb") as f:
    teal_bytes = f.read()
lsig = transaction.LogicSig(teal_bytes)

# create algod clients
acl = algod.AlgodClient(params.algod_token, params.algod_address)

#Recover the account that is wanting to delegate signature
passphrase = "patrol crawl rule faculty enemy sick reveal embody trumpet win shy zero ill draw swim excuse tongue under exact baby moral kite spring absent double"
sk = mnemonic.to_private_key(passphrase)
addr = account.address_from_private_key(sk)
print( "Address of Sender/Delgator: " + addr )

# sign the logic signature with an account sk

# get suggested parameters
params = acl.suggested_params()
gen = params["genesisID"]
gh = params["genesishashb64"]
startRound = params["lastRound"] - (params["lastRound"] % 1000)
endRound = startRound + 1000
fee = 1000
amount = 2000
lease = base64.b64decode("y9OJ5MRLCHQj8GqbikAUKMBI7hom+SOj8dlopNdNHXI=")


# create a transaction
txn = transaction.PaymentTxn(addr, fee, startRound, endRound, gh, receiver, amount, flat_fee=True, lease=lease)

# Create the LogicSigTransaction with contract account LogicSig
lstx = transaction.LogicSigTransaction(txn, lsig)

# write to file
txns = [lstx]
transaction.write_to_file(txns, "p_pay.stxn")

# send raw LogicSigTransaction to network
txid = acl.send_transaction(lstx)
print("Transaction ID: " + txid)

Yeah, exactly. That is the content of


. I’m running in the meantime Algorand node locally on my machine.