BetaNet Update: Version 2.0.12

We are planning to upgrade BetaNet to version 2.0.12 on Tuesday, Mar 31st 2020 10:30AM EST.

If you have your node set to automatic updates, you don’t need to do anything. It will automatically update to the newer version whenever that becomes available.

If this is not the case, you can update the binary, but aren’t required to do so. Given that this is a protocol upgrade release, this upgrade is required.

Summary of Contained Changes in Upgrade:

  1. Network
    • Phonebook refactoring
    • Support DNSSEC for SRV records lookup
    • Add Message Of Interest support for network library
    • Active node disconnection
    • Add rate limited transport for all the outgoing connections
    • Add support for multiple network protocols
  2. Agreement
    • Change Ensure digest to run asynchronously
    • Security fix
  3. Catchup
    • Move fetcher client into the catchup
  4. Goal
    • Support older kernels for locking files
    • tealsign allows you to easily sign data to be verified by the ed25519verify TEAL opcode
  5. Ledger
    • Actively scan for ledger devices
    • Normalize name across platforms
    • Improved error handling
  6. Other
    • Add configurable consensus protocol support
    • Tunable upgrade window
    • Bug fix - t.Parallel was getting called multiple times in the same test

Protocol Upgrade

This release contains a consensus protocol upgrade, which implements the following spec:

To update your current version of BetaNet to 2.0.12, run the following goal command:

./ -c beta -i -d <betanet-data-directory> -n

If you haven’t already done so, we also advise setting up a CRON job to automatically update your algorand networks. If you haven’t done this for BetaNet, you can follow the instructions here:

Really excited to try goal clerk tealsign in this release. Is there a tutorial for using this command with kmd? I read the implementation code which provides limited instructions of the usage.

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Betanet upgraded to 2.0.12.

We will have tutorials up on how to use it in the next couple of weeks Ryan.

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