BetaNet Update: Version 2.1.4

BetaNet was upgraded to version 2.1.4 today at 10:30am EDT. The 32-bit ARM binaries will be available soon.

If you have your node set to automatic updates, you don’t need to do anything. It will automatically update to the newer version whenever that becomes available.

If this is not the case, you can update the binary, but aren’t required to do so.

Summary of Contained Changes in Upgrade:


  • Fix for “ran out of time for round” issue
  • Fix for ARM32 memory panic
  • Other tests and fixes


  1. General
    • New Feature - add simple support for Merkle trees over dense arrays
    • Enhancement - update golang version to latest 1.14.7
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fix 64bit alignment for feePerByte causing memory panic error on ARM32
      • Avoid “ran out of time for round” issue
      • Fix accounting bug in page loading
  2. Config
    • Enhancement - update CatchpointInterval config comment
  3. KMD
    • Bug Fix - decrease mutex critical section time in kmd CreateWallet to fix rare deadlock on slow systems (#1402)
  4. Network
    • New Feature - add an API for using MsgOfInterest messages
  5. Tools
    • New Feature - add Rekeying support to pingpong utility
  6. Tests
    • Enhancements
      • Add e2e tests for the /v2/assets/{id} endpoint
      • Add a test for goal app --app-account flag
      • Add expect test that combines teal and stateful teal apps in a single group transaction
      • Adding test for parseStringLiteral cases \r and \\
  7. Other
    • Bug Fixes
      • Allow algorand-indexer to be installed alongside other packages
      • Exclude “beta” dir from sync to s3
      • Dynamically install deb package in legacy pipeline
      • check return code of dpkg-query show-format query in apt preinstall script

Protocol Upgrade

This release does not contain a consensus protocol upgrade.

Additional Resources

To update your current version of BetaNet to 2.1.4, run the following goal command:

./ -c beta -i -d <betanet-data-directory> -n

If you haven’t already done so, we also advise setting up a CRON job to automatically update your algorand networks. If you haven’t done this for BetaNet, you can follow the instructions here: