Can an application call another application?

Hi, I search it up in the docs and I saw that there’s not application call tx in the inner transaction types an application can execute. Is it right, or exists other methods to call an application inside a single application call (so not in an atomic group)? Will this feature be supported in the future?
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The escrow account has to pay the fee for every inner transaction it does, isn’t it?

application it self does not call anything

when someone wants to interact with it, he signs the app call transaction… yes you can sign two app call transactions and call in one group two applications

you can sign transactions with 3 ways: standard signature, multisig, and logic signature

you can use any transaction in the group to pay the full fee. so you can make app call without fee if other transaction will cover fees


The current implementation does not provide the abiliy for one application to invoke another.


So its like scholtz said? The sequence of app calls must be bundled in different transactions at the client side?

Hi @jacalf,

Yes, until AVM will support Application Call as Inner Transactions the way to call a sequence of dApps (binding together their logics and cross-checks) is using an Atomic Transfer.

Let’s say you want App_1 and App_2 to interact. By bundling Application Calls to App_1 and App_2 into an Atomic Transfer those Apps are called together so that if some check in App_1 or App_2 fails the whole Atomic Transfer fails.

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