Can I run an indexer that connects to non-archival node if I only need to search recent transactions?


I read the “run indexer” page here, which said that:

The node the Indexer connects to must be an archival node to get all the ledger data.

As I searched the previous posts in this forum, it seems that to run an archival node and an indexer will cost a good amount of disk space (mainnet + testnet > 1T), which I can’t afford for now.

But I also noticed that to run the indexer, we can specify a node folder like --algod=~/node/data, so my question is, if I only need to call indexer’s get transaction api with only recent transaction id as its parameter, can I just run the indexer to connect it to a non-archival node folder? will that cause it only save the recent transactions in the database to serve the search? or this is not allowed at all?

Thank you in advance!

Unfortunately, I don’t think you can.
The indexer will request all blocks from block 1 to algod.

I see, got it, thank you :+1: