Consensus rewards and fee to go back online

I understand the reason for wanting to charge a fee to go back online if a node goes down without being marked as offline first. It is meant to encourage responsible participation. I would like to add my thoughts as the size of this fee is being decided.

I live in an area with pretty good electric service. No rolling blackouts or other regular issues. I still experience 4-5 power events per year. I could negate this issue with a UPS solution but it would add to the costs of running a node.

I also have a fiber internet connection with low latency and high bandwidth. However I average 1.5 internet outages per year. This could be fixed with a second Internet connection and a router that supports failover. At this point the cost would be such that it would make more sense to move to a cloud account.

The number of outages and costs could be significantly higher in parts of the world with worse service than I have. My concern is that if the fee to restake is too high it will end the idea of running a bare metal node from home. This could cause a large concentration of online Algo on the cloud providers and if there is an outage at that provider the Algorand network will pause.

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