Convert app arg to Addr

Lets say I have an app arg Txn[0].application_args[0]. I want to store local storage for an account address contained in the app arg. How can I convert Bytes() to Addr()?

Internally, an address is just a 32-byte array.
So just ensure that the first argument is the 32 bytes of the address (without checksum and with base32 conversion).

See Overview - Algorand Developer Portal (where the actual 32-byte address is called “public key” in this document) and How to convert public key back to address in js sdk - #3 by fabrice

I’m not sure the above will work because the address, if passed in as an arg, will need to be encoded and subsequently decoded in TEAL, which I’m not sure is possible yet. I would instead supply the address to the accounts array and store that in local/global state.

You need to only use “decoded” 32-byte address as application arguments and state variables.
Everything in the chain itself uses this format.
The encoded addresses (like XFYAYSEGQIY2J3DCGGXCPXY5FGHSVKM3V4WCNYCLKDLHB7RYDBU233QB5M) are only for display.

The SDK must do all the encoding/decoding.

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