Customized Asset?

Are standardized assets customizeable? I wish to use an asset as a means of transferring information securely between accounts.

Ideally I would be adding just an array list as a field/parameter of the asset JSON object. Is this possible?

Assets can contain the fields specified in:

In particular, you can add a URL and a 32-byte hash value. The URL can point to a JSON file and the hash value can be its hash value (to ensure it is not modified in the future). In theory, you could you the 32-byte hash value to store anything you want, but this would break the implicit semantic.

What do you mean by “transferring information securely”?
All data sent to the Algorand blockchain is public.
If you want to transfer information, you may also want to consider using the note field of the creation transaction of the asset.

This answers my question. Thanks. I understand the data is public once its sent to the blockchain, thank you for the reminder. My intent was to send an that either houses some data, or points to data that can only be accessed by whoever is the recipient of that particular asset.