Dappflow app error: 404 Deployment 404: NOT_FOUND

Hi All,

Im having an issue with Algokits Dappflow application using localnet. When I navigate to the application link after running algokit localnet start then algokit explore I am receiving a 404 Deployment not found error from Vercel. The issue didn’t start till mid morning EST. Also when launching the app from https://dappflow.org/ the error is also received.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? And, if you are, have you found any remedies to resolve?

Commands to launch from Algokit:
algokit localnet start
algokit explore

Dappflow home:

Error also visible here

Any help with be greatly appreciated.
Thanks All :wink:

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Also experiencing this FYI :slight_smile: Was getting a 404 page with a link to Vercel documentation, now just blank.

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Hi All,
The issue has been fixed. Big shoutout and thank you to Shiva Prasad at Algorand!