Digital signarture to sign the transaction

I check the docs and found that raw_sign, is a method that can be used to sign a transaction.
Is it possible to keep my private key secure maybe like a hash or something and use it to sign the trnsaction?
Is it possible to secure my transaction my a digital signature and use a public address to read it?
If its possible anything similar please let me know and if any link is available that would be wonderful!

You need the actual private key to sign transactions.

Key management is a very complex question and, for large production system, essentially systematically require design by experts. But you can find some initial information there: Modern guidelines for smart contracts and smart signatures on Algorand - Algorand Developer Portal

The address or public key (in case of single-signature account - the default), can be used to verified the signature of a transaction.
It cannot be used to sign a transaction, otherwise anyone would be able to spend money from your account.

Thanks a lot…resloves a lot of cofusion!