Documentation on State Proofs

Hello Algorand community!

Is there any documentation on how to use state proofs on Algorand? I have been looking at the GitHub - algorand/go-algorand: Algorand's official implementation in Go. repository but I cant’ find anything on state proofs or how to start using them in a local node environment.

The feature is not yet enabled. Before the feature would get enabled, the participation keys on the network need to be regenerated.
I don’t know how long it would take… since it’s up to the node runners to renew their participation keys.


Thank you for your response @tsachi.

Is the feature not enabled on BetaNet?

No, it’s not enabled yet on betanet.
Betanet is supposed to be one step before testnet/mainnet, but enabling the feature there implies that the pipeline ( master - betanet - mainnet ) would be blocked until mainnet reachs the desired participation key update threshold.

Instead, it would remain disabled until mainnet is ready with the participation keys… and then the switch would get enabled.

You wouldn’t want Algorand to block other big upgrades while “waiting”… right?


Once it is enabled, will there be any effort or initiative to integrate it into the SDK as a light client library/API/SDK(preferably as a Javascript/Typescript client? I think this would be helpful for applications needing to use this light client for their features. I only see state proofs in the Algorand Go Source Code, and announcements of how good it will be. @tsachi Also, how long will it take?