Does Algorand have the capability to make its NFTs "Dynamic" like Chainlink's?

I was reading this and was curious if Algorand has any similar capability to be able to offer dynamically changing NFTs based on the updated external database via perpetual smart contracts. Some of the use cases Chainlink highlights are (16 examples):

  • Competition Based NFTs

  • Reward and Governance Systems

  • Authenticity Verification

  • Valuation Updates

Create Dynamic Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) Using Chainlink Oracles

Chainlink is trying to tackle this from the Oracle’s perspective (L0) and I figured Algorand could cover the actual blockchain operations as L1. Wdyt?? I don’t see how these upgrades could “harm” the network… But necessary right at this moment is in question.

as far as I know, for example in the game are used NFTs with the reward system in place in smart contract… already for 6 months or so…

the trick used there is that the asa is locked by default, and ability to transfer the asa is the clawback smart contract approval program

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You may be interested to read through ARCs/ at main · algorandfoundation/ARCs · GitHub.

While fields like URL and metadata hash are immutable, you can use the ARC19 spec to specify a URL for the metadata and thus update its properties using the mutable Reserve field.


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Any updated educational materials on this from Algorand by chance like below?

How To Create Dynamic NFTs Using Chainlink Keepers | Chainlink Engineering Tutorials - YouTube

How To Build Dynamic ERC-721 NFTs Using Three Chainlink Trust-Minimized Services - Chainlink Blog