Dutch Auction and Algorands progress. Give me your opinion

Did a quick simple analysis of Dutch auction potential outcome. This is based on simply taking the circulating supply x possible auction price outcome. The main issue is will the circulation supply be that of 25 million or 2,025 billion?
example: Market Cap Auction price Circulation supply CoinMarketCap
20,25 billion 10$ 2,025 billion 3 Ranking
10,125 5$ 2,025 4
1,012 0.5$ 2,025 17
202,5 million 0,1$ 2,025 44

If only the Auction supply listed:
example: Market Cap Auction price Circulation supply CoinMarketCap
250 million 10$ 25 million 35 Ranking
125 5$ 25 66
12,5 0.5$ 25 312
2,5 million 0,1$ 25 668

I personally think Algorand team is hoping for an Auction price of 1.5$ which i think would rank them in the top 10 at the moment (good marketing ploy if it pays off and you don’t burn your early birds in the process).

Could someone with more knowledge and insight comment on Algorands process. At what development phase are we at? Is Algorand close to adoption. How far behind it’s competitors? I feel that due to the Dutch Auction strategy, Algorand would have to gain traction quicker to sustain momentum.

Just my 2 cents worth, like to hear your opinion.

So the Auction raised 60 million USD @ 2.40$ an algo. I think i will give this a skip for the time being. Lets see how it turns out down the road. Apparently sold out less than 4 hours. Love to know how many Algos the average investor bought. Another 575 million algos to be auctioned this year.

So Algo @ 2.02$ as i speak. Why no circulating supply info?

Not much people talking around here.

No you right Antoine. I thought their would be some response. I’m now very keen to see how low algo will go but i think this will take awhile as they slowly releasing algo’s by auction and not showing circulation supply yet.