Electric scooters and bike rentals

The electric scooter rental business is growing. There’s talks of revenue hitting 50 billion by 2030.

Algorand is a green blockchain, so acquring an e-scooter business would seem like a no-brainer.

It would be another use case for activity on the chain by using the app or dapp to rent scooters or bikes/e-bikes (most people won’t even realize it’s functioning on chain.) Also, you could pay people with ALGO/USDC/USD to help with charging the scooters. Frequent rider rewards could be NFT’s or something.

You’re not wrong, but here’s a question you might want to think of. Is there a reason to decentralize this? Some things function better with a centralized company. For instance, to rent a scooter you have to upload your ID (could be replaced by an on-chain version), you need to have scooters charged (who is going to advertise, hire and onboard the folks driving around and charging them) (you could pay them with crypto), insurance on the scooters, the app to locate them, negotiating with city councils for the right to have scooters in x city…there’s many tasks a centralized entity like Bird or Lime do…so whats the advantage of decentralizing it?

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You make some good points. I guess i didnt thoroughly think it over. I wouldnt say there is an advantage, I was just trying to find ways to add more activity to the blockchain.

I think it’s a good idea to acquire e scooter business

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