Escrow-account: how can I generate different Algorand adresses?

I’m trying to build several escrow-account with the same logic inside. Just to be clear, i’ve only one teal file from wich I need to get some different Algorand addresses (i.e. hash). Is there any way to achieve the result? In my goal clerk compile /path/to/file.teal i get always the same hash (maybe I need to set up a different node?). Thank you in advance.

The address of a Smart Signature is a hash of the logic, so to generate a different address the program must be different. Typically people will use a smart signature template with a unique address of the person using it, or maybe increment an int value for each variation. Can you share the Smart Signatures? They’re very easy to get wrong and someone may take advantage of it.

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Thank you so much @nullun ! Unfortunately I’ve no code to share: I noticed it compiling this simple TEAL program

#pragma version 5 int 1 return

But anyway I will share the final code for sure to get some suggestions!