Fast Catchup not working in Sandbox on Windows (Mainnet)

Hello there,

I use the Sandbox tool to quickly set up a node on mainnet. Starting the node initalizes the Fast Catchup automatically and it seems to work until it´s finished, but then he starts syncing from block 0 and not from the catchpoint block.

Maybe an important information: When I start the fast catchup he shows “stdout is not a tty”, but still starts the fast catchup. So I thought maybe it´s just not the progress bar that isn´t working.

I would be very thankful for help on this topic.

  1. Can you check the version of your sandbox?
git log

should show a commit from Dec 2 (0c15c8f5e0256770ef434333fee4ca55bb794ce0).

If not, run git pull and start again.

  1. Can you check the version of goal in the sandbox?
./sandbox goal version -v

You should see:

Version: [v1 v2]
GenesisID: testnet-v1.0
Build: 2.3.711.nightly [rel/nightly] (commit #3abfe3fc)

If you see an older version, clean up everything and start again:

./sandbox down
./sandbox clean
./sandbox up testnet

Thanks for your answer.

I think it updated to Sandbox 2.0 now, the bad thing now is that I can´t see any outputs as he keeps telling me my input device is not a TTY. Putting winpty in front does not help.