Fast catchup keep on restarting

I am trying to perform a fast catchup but after some millions of addresses it restarts from zero and continue to loop. I have set CatchupBlockDownloadRetryAttempts to 100000, as suggested in a similar old thread, and restarted but the problem still persists. Any other has succeeded in fast catchup after the last upgrade?

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Usual issues are (from most likely to least likely):

  • your node is not up to date: check version using goal version -v. It must be at least 3.5.1
  • you are using the catchup label of the wrong network (testnet on a mainnet node for example)
  • you don’t have enough RAM: you need at least 8GB of RAM
  • your disk is too slow. You need a not-too-slow SSD. SD cards and HDD will cause issues.

Thanks Fabrice, I fear is the HDD, because I have checked the rest and everything is OK.

I managed to use properly the fast catchup procedure after switching to a SSD, so now everything is working properly. I want to participate in consensus and I performed all the steps as in generate keys and marking the account online. The transaction seems ok, as in the algoexplorer, however I can’t find in the node.log anything related to VoteBroadcast. Am I Missing something?

I see your account has 10 Algos.

Since there are about 1.9B online Algos, one round every 4.5s and around 4500 opportunities to vote per round (soft vote committee size is 2990 and cert vote committee size is 1500), with 10 Algos, you would be voting in average:

10 / 1.9e9 * 4500 * 3600 * 24 / 4.5 = 0.45 times per day

So you need to wait for a couple of day to see those messages.
That being said you may actually never see them because logs only last for a couple of days…

Another way to check proper participation is to check that “last used” is recent enough in

$ goal account listpartkeys

Recent enough depends on your stake.

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Thanks Fabrice! very helpful, as usual :smiley: