Catchup service is stopped (testnet)


After hard shutdown of computer, the catchup service for testnet is stopped (see below). Still works fine for mainnet. Any way to restart testnet service or must I start from scratch?

“Last supported block (6765063) is committed. The next block consensus protocol is not supported. Catchup service is stopped.”

Can you check you have the latest version of the Algorand software?

algod -v should indicate version 2.0.6

Fabrice, I am running Algod 2.0.5:
“$: algod -v
2.0.5.stable [rel/stable] (commit #8b0be452)”

You need to update algod, the current version is 2.0.6 and there were protocol changes that require an update to continue participating in consensus.

Just few more notes regarding the above -
@swain, your node is working correctly. It downloaded block 6765063, just to find out that the subsequent block is going to have a protocol version that it doesn’t know how to support. Since the node is unfamiliar with that protocol version, it would not be able to perform any type of validation on the block. To ensure that all the state of your node is secured, no further blocks would get downloaded.
This is completely unrelated to the hard shutdown that your computer might or might not have been through.

As @Tim and @fabrice suggested above, upgrading to the latest version is your best course of action. Also, I would recommend that you would set up an auto update for the Algorand platform, as we plan to have additional updates as the platform evolves.

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Thanks tsachi Tim, fabrice - you were right, the hard shutdown just happened to coincide with Algod 2.0.5 not recognizing a new block, thanks for the help, issue resolved.